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Technical engineering activities formed in the form of small factories in the solar 60s decade led to the creation of a dynamic technical engineering structure. In 1995, the set of these activities was organized in the form of Hadid Ravan Company with registration number 116832. This industrial complex started its professional activity in a wide space located 40 km from Tehran in Abbas Abad Industrial Town. More than three decades of continuous activity in the specialized production of motorcycle wheels and rims by observing the highest level of quality in accordance with the latest standards of Japan, led to the maximum market acquisition for rims and wheels.

Since 2004, machines have been made with new technology and using internal production, and sometimes they have been procured from reliable foreign suppliers. Proudly and for the first time, since 2005, this complex achieved a production circulation of 7,000 tires per day and made the country completely needless in the field of importing tires and motorcycle wheels. In terms of price, this product won the competition against Chinese products. This product was also on par with Japanese products in terms of quality. In addition to supplying 100% of the needs of motorcycle manufacturing factories, Hadid Ravan Company was able to create an unrivaled domestic business environment by creating a wide network of capillary sales and with the cooperation of more than 400 active customers across the country. In the same direction and with the approach of international supply of quality goods to neighboring countries and the African region, the export of various collars needed by traders and consumers began. This company was able to achieve significant success in the overseas commercial markets and take an acceptable share of the market in competition with the products of Asian countries. In line with the goals and policies explained and more than three decades of real production activity and on the verge of entering the fourth decade, this company entered a new stage of production in line with the world's modern technology. With the development of automobile and motorcycle industry and global standards, their production was also developed. knowledge base Hadid Ravan, in sync with the world's modern technologies and relying on the abilities of its experts, for the first time in Iran, designed, produced and offered integrated aluminum wheels (Sports Rims). This caused the company to be promoted to knowledge-based rank in 2020. Hadid Rarvan Company believes that the production of up-to-date and high-quality products is done with the round-the-clock efforts of a professional and experienced team and always tries to be a leader in the industry of auto and motorcycle spare parts production by updating technical knowledge.

Introduction of different departments of Hadid Ravan Company:

Hadid Rarvan Group consists of several
departments for production, development and supply of goods.

Technical engineering:

Hadid Rarvan engineering department is engaged in activities with scientific and accomplished staff in various specialties including mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, metallurgical engineering and polymer engineering. By using the most up-to-date engineering and simulation software, the personnel of this unit play a very important role in the realization of the group's goals. This department implements its activities and researches according to the current knowledge of the world and by having mechanical, metallurgical and chemical laboratories, it updates the accuracy of its scientific processes according to the latest edition of the standards. One of the important activities of this unit is cooperation with domestic and foreign specialized research institutes in order to improve technical knowledge, and in the meantime, it has always used the assistance and common-sense of well-known expert consultants.

Producing section:

One of the most important units of Hadid Ravan Company is the production department. This department plays an important role in advancing the group's goals by having experienced personnel as well as up-to-date and advanced machines. Among the other activities of this department is the synchronization in the implementation of all the processes of designing, manufacturing, controlling and manufacturing the product. The production department, with the help of advanced software, employing elite and technical personnel to increase the efficiency of production, maintenance and machinery and production; It plays a very important role.

Planning department:

The experienced and educated group of Hadid Ravan planning unit, having a staff with unique scientific ability, play an important role in controlling and monitoring the process.
With its knowledge of process control, proper allocation of resources, and planning, this unit has a significant contribution in the timely fulfillment of production obligations of the complex.

Quality assurance department:

One of the other important units of Hadid Ravan Company is the Quality Control and Assurance Unit. Having a reference laboratory that is equipped with advanced devices, this unit operates in all stages of supply to produce production in line with the guidelines and laws based on standards and quality management system. This unit, while observing and monitoring the engineering information extracted from the samples, is always trying to provide a quality product to the consumer market. One of the important achievements of this department is the scientific interaction with knowledge-oriented organizations and institutions, which has a great role in improving the quality level of the complex.

Training Department:

With the aim of updating the information and knowledge of Hadid Ravan personnel in all working stages, this unit controls and updates the professional skill seasonally to improve the scientific and job grade of this complex.
With the cooperation of universities and reputable education centers and having three active personnel in this unit, education is well accomplished.

Financial Unit:

One of the most important parts of this complex is the financial unit, which plays a significant role in the self-sufficiency fund for the expansion projects. One of the duties of this unit is calculating and monitoring of changes caused by currency and variable market conditions. This unit is trying to establish Hadid Ravan Holding in the near future. The activity of the accounting group is performed concentrated and with the cooperation of financial advisors at a very favorable level.

Commercial unit:

The vital pulse of an engineering production structure is the regular sale and supply of products and the fulfillment of business promises. With the benefit of its experienced and committed personnel, with more than three decades of activity in providing products to customers and factories, the commercial unit plays an important role in commercial interactions, which results in providing quality and competitive products to the market. This has made the Hadid Ravan as a brand to be a symbol of guaranteeing the quality and credibility of the product in the market. The commercial unit has believed on customer satisfaction as the main business activity and successfully has gained a major share of the domestic market and a good reputation in export products. The commercial unit is trying to support the consumer more than ever by direct distribution of its products. Having an up-to-date call center, trained and experienced personnel, activity in social media, virtual space and interaction with manufacturing companies, the commercial unit has extensive activities in interacting with the market. The commercial unit of Hadid Ravan Company has been in contact with reputable European and Asian companies for the supply of raw materials for the development and production of products and always makes great efforts in selecting these suppliers. One of the goals of this unit is to import and supply independent goods. And in this issue, it has also gained successful experiences. At present, Hadid Ravan Company with more than 250 direct personnel and seventy indirect personnel and with more than three decades of activity in the real production of spare parts for cars and motorcycles is the largest producer of wheels and rims and the only producer of aluminum motorcycle wheels in Iran. At present, Hadid Ravan Company with more than 250 direct personnel and seventy indirect personnel and with more than three decades of activity in the real production of spare parts for cars and motorcycles is the largest producer of wheels and rims and the only producer of aluminum motorcycle wheels in Iran. Hadid Ravan is trying to sync with the world's modern technology, to have an effective presence in the national production and presentation of Iranian quality products.

The founder of the industrial knowledge base complex,

Hadid Ravan

Mohammad Taghi Zardooz
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